The Mexican Government



Luciano. Zocalo. 2002. Virtual Tourist.

My focus in the current events forum this semester has been politics in Mexico. As the second largest country in Latin America it has much influence over other countries in the region and it is relatively representative of the rest of a large part of Latin America as a whole. Mexico is a country that despite having a lack of strong leadership in the government, the citizens are more than glad to speak out about issues concerning the country. Despite having a newly-elected president, the youth movement in the country feels it is not moving in a favorable direction and there have been mass protests for democratic reforms of the government and more free and fair elections. Some of the conflicts in the country include a dispute between the Navy and the Army over which branch of the military is in charge of keeping the mainland safe. The country has seen increased violence due to the drug cartels which have been a tricky foe for the government to deal with, despite the former president constantly making remarks making remarks saying he will focus on stopping it and restore peace. Although Mexico hasn't changed its stance on the war on drugs much at all in recent years, many other countries in Latin America have considered outright legalizing as a possible solution; this was discussed at a recent Summit of the Americas held April of this year. Clearly Mexico has seen, possibly more than any other country in the region, the effects of the drug war. It has had a disastrous effect on their economy. But with new leadership, and people making their voices heard in the streets, the future is looking brighter for the people of Mexico.